Xpress Builder Gel TRANSLUCENT WHITE 30 gr. Abtract | 125193


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Abstract® Xpress Builder Gel is a go-to gel for beginners and advanced users. This easy-to-handle gel guarantees sturdy, long-lasting nails, even for the most hard-hitting clients. The Abstract® Xpress Builder is cruelty-free & vegan, does not run and lends itself to strengthening natural nails or performing refills (touch-ups) with little to no filing. Make extensions with the Tip & Overlay technique or sculpt your favourite nail shape in no time, completely stress-free and with the application technique that suits you best. Superior adhesion, no lifting, no yellowing. An absolute must-have for every geller.

  • Packaging: 30gr
  • Color: Translucent White (milky white)


  • Viscosity: medium
  • Resistance: hard – resilient
  • Levelling is excellent and amazingly easy
  • Does not run out
  • Superior adhesion
  • No lifting
  • No yellowing
  • Optimal coverage
  • Colour stable
  • Pinchable

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