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Abstract® Shield & Shine is a transparent, flexible top gel without an adhesive layer and with optical brighteners. This finishing gel has a medium viscosity and is recommended for finishing Gel Polish treatments, among others.

Shield & Shine Top Gel is characterized by the following properties:

  • Non-sticky top gel, so unnecessary to cleanse after curing.
  • Optical brighteners brighten lighter colors and make colors more intense and vivid.
  • Prevents yellowing.
  • Can be applied onto any brand of Gel Polish.
  • Excellent for processing Chrome pigments.

Shield & Shine is the top gel of choice to apply as a finishing gel in a Natural Nail Treatment environment and extremely suitable on top of Brush N’ Color, Creamies, Brush N’ Build and Rubber Base & Build.

Abstract® Shield & Shine is Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Product Features

  • Non-Sticky Top Gel
  • Medium viscosity
  • Contains Optical Brighteners
  • Curing Times: LED: 60s – UV: 120s

Tech Tips
Apply Shield & Shine in a thin, even layer and respect the curing times

Shield & Shine is suitable to correct pits or irregularities in the nail surface.

If you want to shine Chrome pigments to a chrome effect, apply the Shield & Shine thinly and cure for 13 seconds in a Dual Wave Study Buddy or Dual Wave Pro Evolution LED lamp. Apply a little pigment and rub in until when the pigment begins to shine. Then allow the remaining seconds to cure.

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