Brush N’ Build CRYSTAL CLEAR 15ml, Abstract | 092544


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Abstract® Brush N’ Build Gel is a flexible, soak-off builder gel in a bottle.

This Soak-Off Builder Gel allows you to:

  1. provide additional strength to the natural nail;
  2. even out the natural nail;
  3. restore the natural nail;
  4. create a slight apex;
  5. create short extensions (max. 0,5mm) using a tip.

Brush N’ Build is acid-free and can be placed on or under any brand of Gel Polish

This builder gel is NOT a base gel.

Abstract® Brush N’ Build is Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Product characteristics

  • Acidic / Acid-free base? Acid-free base.
  • Soakable? Yes.
  • Viscosity? Medium.
  • Adhesion? Needs a base gel.
  • Flexibility? Very flexible.
  • Suitable for building? Yes.
  • Suitable for extensions? Tips only.
  • Curing times? LED: 60s – UV: 120s.

Tech Tips
If you want to work extremely tightly with a Gel Polish, we recommend that after the Brush N’ Build has cured, remove the adhesive layer from the surface and free edge with a dry sponge before applying the color.

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