AcryGum CRYSTAL CLEAR 30gr (tube), Abstract | 312574


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Abstract® AcryGum Gel is a moldable gel used to easily strengthen or lengthen natural nails. The viscosity is medium to thick, where as AcryGum Gel in pot is really thick.

The large variety of ingredients provides strength and hardness without having to compromise on the flexibility of the natural nail. This high-performance AcryGum gel formula is super strong and feels feather light. Are you ready to be “blown-away” from the adhesion, durability and wearability?

Abstract® AcryGum Gel remains workable for as long as the nail tech deems necessary to perfectly sculpt the product, without bleeding. This user-friendly formula makes the job faster, more efficient and easier. The no-nonsense product handling with spatula and brush, combined with Antisepta, completely eliminates hours of filing. All the benefits of gel and acrylic combined in a cruelty-free, user-friendly product manufactured to the rigorous standards of the GMP quality assurance system.

For the Acrygum Gel in tube you use the acid-free primer Perfect Bond (see instructions for use).

  • Content: 30gr

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