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The Abstract® Brush N’ Color collection: Land Of The Rising Sun was inspired by the mystical culture of Japan. Japan is much more than just the colourful Nishigoi carp. It is located to the east of China and was named after the Chinese expression “land of the rising sun” by Japanese scholars who had studied Chinese. The typical traditional Japanese red gates, called Torii, symbolise the stick on which the cock sits and summons the sun with its crowing. The lifestyle and the way of thinking and acting, is strongly influenced by Shintoism. Typical for the Shinto religion is the great love and respect for nature and the prayer for the nature spirits, Kami. Unlike in our Western culture, there are several Kami and they are not connected to a fixed place or object.

Land Of The Rising Sun is a beautiful red Cat Eye Effect Gel Polish range because in Eastern culture red is associated with happiness and joy. Something that the red Cat Eye Effect shades will definitely lend a hand in! They are all Cat Eye Effect Gel Polishes that can be used with or without a magnet and as a colour in itself. The darker shade, Kami, is a beautiful purple shade that can also be used as a colour on its own, but also as a base for the Cat Eye Effect Gel Polish colours. Ganbatte!

  • Gel polish
  • Highly pigmented
  • Beautiful coverage
  • Superior adhesion
  • Ultimate ease of use

Instructions for using the cat eye effect: Harden the first layer and apply a second layer. Hold the cat eye magnet above the gel until the desired design is achieved. Hardens.

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