209* Phoenix 15ml Cat Eye (Naturalistic), Abstract | 058979


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The Abstract® Brush N’ Color Cat Eye collection Naturalistic showcases an irresistible array of colors in a realistic and down to earth way. We found our inspiration in the supernatural forces of nature. The extreme, relentless power of The Perfect Storm and the electrostatic high-voltage impact of thunderstorms show us just how powerful the elements of nature really are. From the earthy purity of the mineral Onyx to the fabulous Phoenix rising proudly from its ashes. Developed with the utmost love and passion, this collection will bring peace and clarity to your colour palette.

  • Gel polish
  • Highly pigmented
  • Beautiful coverage
  • Superior adhesion
  • Ultimate ease of use

Instructions for using the cat eye effect: Harden the first layer and apply a second layer. Hold the cat eye magnet above the gel until the desired design is achieved. Hardens.

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