168* You Drive Me Crazy 15ml (Pink Cadillac), Abstract | 187091


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The Abstract® Brush N’ Color Collection Pink Cadillac is for all fashionistas who love Wheels & Heels. The colors of this collection represent both the Luxury and Excitement of Pink Cadillac Wheels as well as the elegance of High Heels. The beautiful color combinations will make you dream of roadtrippin’ on route 66. Pimp my ride, she said! You Drive me Crazy, he replied… so they drove away in her beautiful Pink Cadillac with the wind in their hair and not to forget her High Heels. The higher the heels the closer to heaven she said. He kept silent, she pushed the accelerator a bit deeper. What a lucky bastard I am, he mumbled silently.

  • Gel polish
  • Highly pigmented
  • Beautiful coverage
  • Superior adhesion
  • Ultimate ease of use

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